The SST is the kite of choice for surfers, foilers, directional riders, downwind fanatics and general freeriders who value down the line drift, through the window speed and immediate reaction as their kite's most important flying characteristics. Think tow-in surfing. The SST delivers the power and performance to get you into position, drifts like a feather as you ride down the line, then reengages with the flick of a wrist. These same qualities make the SST the perfect choice for foiling, when you want full feedback and responsive steering no matter how powered you are or what direction you're riding.

NEW: 4x4 Canopy Tech- the strongest and stiffest material on the market

Tuned to fly deeper in the window for superior drift

Remains responsive when sheeted out, depowered and going down the line

Quick and reactive steering, requires minimal bar input

Versatile crossover performance for all-around freeriding and foiling

Reinforced Surf-Tough seams built to take a beating in the surf

Package includes: Kite, NEW kite bag, Quick Start Guide, bladder patch kit, replacement IRS bungee

1129.00 €