Every summer longboards in Latvia evolve as one of the alternative way of transportation. The infrastructure here is getting more friendly to small wheels. A vehicle to enjoy sunny days with your best friends or to cruise around the block alone in the evening. To make it to your work on time or to get similar feelings to surfing. As large the possibilities go, as more complicated the purchase of a board can get. Though as enjoying the riding can be.

Every season BOARDS.LV shop takes care of the larges longboard selection in Latvia by offering interests such world famous brands as Long Island, Globe, Yow, SEISMIC, Blood Orange, RAYNE, Venom, Remember and Moonshine. Longer or shorter deck? Sharper or rounder ends? Lose or tight trucks? How large and hard the wheels? Our team will be able to present you the main specifications of every individual boards with a goal to find and adapt the board that fits you the best. It can be a classic city style longboard, a more skateboard type cruiser board or even a downhill longboard for more dedicated hillbombs. Surely, lots of different designs for the ones who cares about esthetics and also very simple decks for minimalists. As well as an options of putting together your personal complete longboard according to yours wishes and needs. Skilled and competition riders will find lots of other longboards accessories, such as gloves, footstoppers, shields etc.

You can also verify your skills on a longboard by renting one of the boards from our longboard rental. Rent a board for a day, weekend on even a week. Or just try one of those right here on the street outside of our shop, which can help you to make a decision when choosing yours.

Alongside, our own longboard service will not only properly change and clean your rusty bearings, put on a griptape or do much more of repair works, but also will spread some knowledge, which will let you take care of your board yourself.

Find out what each longboard detail is responsible for and how each board behaves on certain conditions and circumstances here at BOARDS.LV shop!


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