Skateboarding is one of the richest and most exciting street cultures in the world and for now on is included into Olympic Games, which makes this extreme sport even more diverse. While skateboarding culture in Latvia keeps growing and developing, more and more kids and youngsters are willing to take their first steps on a skateboard, however they usually face question such as “where to buy a skateboard?”, “how to start skating”, “how to take care of your skateboard?” etc..  

                Since 2001, BOARDS.LV shop is providing Latvian skateboarding scene with all the necessary skateboard equipment. We are spreading knowledge about worldwide skateboarding and we stand by the fundamentals of that term. Besides theory shop’s crew is full of experience, therefore our skateboarding enthusiasts are able to help choose a skateboard complete for newcomer or put together a fresh skateboard setup for a skilled rider. In our shop you will find out how to adjust your equipment to your skill, style and wishes, how to correctly put together all of the skateboard details, where and how to start skating and much more. Alongside, our own skateboard service will not only properly change and clean your rusty bearings, put on a griptape or do much more of repair works, but also will spread some knowledge, which will let you take care of your board yourself.

                Our skateboard supplies are constantly being renewed and stocked up with the world’s most recognized skateboard brands and we make sure that our shelves have a choice to every taste in the matter of brands and technical specifications as well as budget wise. Starting with classic skateboard decks from Jart, Girl, Element, Almost, leading towards shaped boards from Madness, Powel Peralta, Polar. Every deck will have a perfect fit of skateboard trucks from Independent, Thunder, Royal. Spitfire, Bones, JO wheels are here for a smooth and fast ride, as well as wide choice of Bones skateboard bearings. Griptape form Jessup, MOB with impressive designs and all the other essential skateboard accessories. Young riders will find their helmets and other safety gear, which will make first skate steps more secure and keep hearts of their parents calm.

                Come and get to know skateboarding here! Your skateshop –BOARDS.LV! 


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